Waffle with cloudberry, ice cream and mint

Today on March 25 is the Scandinavian Waffle Day! I have learned that in USA, the Waffle Day is August 24. But to celebrate today, I have made a waffle served with something we are very proud of and love in Sweden – our cloudberries. They are closely related to raspberries, look like small blackberries but have their own unique taste. You can find them in northern part of Sweden, Norway and Finland. I have also heard you can find them in Canada?

My Scandinavian waffle recipe you can find here.

The cloudberry jam I bought in IKEA’s food shop. In addition I served my waffles with organic ice cream, mint leaves and garnished with confectioner’s sugar.

Smaklig måltid!




My plate is from Swedish H&M Home (online store).


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