The person behind Scandinavian Simple Eating

My name is Anette Larsson and I am the person behind Scandinavian Simple Eating. I am a 36 years old Swedish girl who lives in Florida, US, together with my husband Martin, our daughter Filippa and our son Nicholas.


I started Scandinavian Simple Eating in 2018 because I love food and I love to prepare food. At the same time, I am very proud of where I come from. I believe we in Scandinavia (read more about Scandinavia here) are living a great life and producing amazing products which I would love to share with other people who I actually really believe would appreciate it and love it as much as I do. Specially you Americans.

Before I started Scandinavian Simple Eating, I have been working within the food industry for more than 10 years. Cooking is my hobby and besides that, I am a business consultant working for my own company NORTH International. I have lived in all Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Except for my big food interest, my interests are spend time with my family & friends, sport (tennis, running, surfing, skiing) and traveling.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please use the contact formula here.

Scandinavian Simple Eating

Scandinavian food has long traditions. At the same time, it is often inspired by other cultures and nowadays seen as a modern cuisine. That makes Scandinavian food simple, healthy and elegant. 

This is something I believe you want more of. Scandinavian Simple Eating is here to inspire, help and offer you more Scandinavia in you and your family’s dinner menus. Something to be proud of.

Scandinavian food is a cuisine that is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Scandinavian food is simple. We call it “husmanskost” – farmer fare. Our food is natural and honest, made with ingredients where we let each ingredient play it’s unique role in each meal. That means, we don’t complicate the food, we just make it taste delicious and also look beautiful. Core ingredients in the Scandinavian cuisine are fish, pork, poultry, beets, potatoes, cucumbers, dill, parsley and horseradish. Our cuisine can be describes as robust but at the same time have outstanding beautiful combination. To cook the Scandinavian way is to re-create the past with all its wholeness and goodness. The cooking is pure and simple. Foods taste of themselves.

The Scandinavian food is healthy. Healthy food is sustainable food. We are responsible for what we put on our plate. To make this world develop in a sustainable way, we have to use locally produced ingredients and eat less meat. If the food is healthy, it is not only a question about what you eat, but it is also about quality and enjoyment. Healthy in Scandinavia is not equal to a small amount of calories. Or a salad. First of all, we don’t count calories. What counts is what makes us happy and what food we would like to share with our beloved ones. We believe in food balance. We eat sugar, but we do not mix sugar in everything we eat. We pick our time for sweets — our “kos”/”hygge”/”mys” (=cosy) moments. Everyone can eat a delicious cake or cinnamon bun, but not everyday. 

How we serve our food is important. This might come from Scandinavians being famous for our design. This is something you might find on the dinner table. If you serve your food with elegance, we believe that this supports healthy meals and will inspire you to live even more healthy. 

Scandinavian Simple Eating is food inspiration. Food that is simplehealthy and elegant to serve. With inspiring recipes and easy to follow instruction, you can get to know Scandinavia and prepare Scandinavian food from a truly passionated food lover from Scandinavia. You find the food inspiration either here on the website or by following me on my account on Instagram scandinavian.simple.eating.

Scandinavian Simple Eating is here to inspire, help and offer more of both Scandinavian food and design on to your dining table.

You find my inspiring Scandinavian recipes here.