The Cinnamon Bun Day

Today is the official cinnamon bun day! Yes, it’s true. Since 1999 we have a day in Sweden called the cinnamon bun day which we celebrate by eating and baking cinnamon buns. In every bakery, social media channel, yes everywhere in Sweden today you will be reminded to eat your cinnamon bun. I guess, days like this pops up nowadays for us consumers to buy and consume even more. I don’t like forcing for increased consumption, but I do like cinnamon buns.

If you haven’t tried to bake cinnamon buns, today is the day. 🙂 Follow my recipe here or if you already tried the traditional buns/rolls, you can bake my cinnamon bun cake.

I have baked both the cinnamon rolls (rolled around) and the twisted one, you see them both below. This is also a typical Swedish thing, but we all prefer to eat our cinnamon buns differently. So I like the rolled once because then you can roll them out while eating. My husband prefer to just bite in the twisted one. How do you eat your cinnamon bun?

Have a nice cinnamon bun day!

Smaklig måltid!











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