Scandinavian Simple Eating in “Edible” food magazine

Scandinavian Simple Eating is part of the July/August Discover Issue of Edible Northeast Florida. If you don’t find an ex near where you leave, you find the article here:

You can read more about my background, my source of inspirations to food and cooking and what I think are the main similarities and differences between the Scandinavian cuisine and the Florida cuisine.

Edible (editor Lauren Titus and photographer Jesse Brantman) came home to our house here in Florida to make a reportage. I could chose one of my favourite recipes to cook which I did when Jesse, the photographer, was photo shooting everything.

The reason why I chose the Ocean Wallenbergare is because this is a very traditional Swedish dish, normally made of calf. Since we live in Florida with so many delicious fishes around and because I love fish, I though replacing the veal with fish and make an ocean version of the Wallenbergare could be a perfect combination. With this recipe, I also wanted to include typical Scandinavian ingredients such as potatoes, fish, chives and cucumber which are all in season now in Florida. I have also included typical techniques from the Scandinavian cuisine such as fried fish in butter where the butter gives a delicious taste (not deep fried), pickled cucumber and blackberry compote.

You find the recipe here:

Please let me know what you think about the article!





Photos: Jesse Brantman,

My plate is from Danish “Broste Copenhagen”.

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